Alt Text Editor


Alt Text Editor for Confluence Cloud allows you to edit Confluence pages using CommonMark markdown or in the page's raw Storage Format (XHTML).

The editor does not wrap your content in a macro, and once you save the page, there will be no trace that Alt Text Editor was used.

  • This allows for team members with different editing tastes to collaborate on content in whatever way works for them!

  • This also makes it possible to edit your own macros using markdown and allows for all the native features of Confluence, other addons and integrations to work with your pages without worrying about non-Confluence syntax hanging around in your page content

Getting Started

To get started, just click the ⎇ Text button in the pages primary action bar.


Alt Text Editor supports editing pages using markdown, storage format or with two editor panes containing both at the same time. If both panes are open, editing in either will synchronize changes to the other - allowing for maximum editing flexibility!


Alt Text Editor also supports using a Preview pane to view your changes live, without exiting the editor, and regardless of which format you are using to edit.

Error Reporting

Markdown is a flexible editing format, and at times that flexibility needs to be reconciled with the constraints of Confluence's storage format, so that pages are well-formed and saved correctly. In these cases, Alt Text Editor will highlight the changes that it needs to make.

In the below example, the markdown contains one block quote element nested within another block quote. In Commonmark markdown this is allowed, but Confluence does not allow blocky elements within block quotes.

The editor downgrades that nested block quote to raw text and displays a message accordingly:.

Similar notifications are presented to users for table conversions, xml parse errors, etc.